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Welcomes to the genealogy homepage for Niederwalluf and the Rheingau

by Norbert Michel

What will you find here? Among other things:

Please keep in mind that this is only a small selection of what you will find on this web site. Take time to explore the site. If you find something you think will interest you, simply use a translator.

If you have problems translating, the following translation programs are available:

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How do I use the search machine?

On my web site you will find several thousand surnames. You can search for a name with the help of Crawl-it, which you can use to search trough all the pages on my web site.

When you search for names, please keep in mind that the spelling may have changed over time.

The searcher can type one or more words into the query field. If several words are inputted, all pages on which at least one of the words occurs are accessed. You can use a "+" sign to make "AND" linkages, i.e. all the pages are accessed that contain all the words to which a "+" sign was applied. You can use a "-" sign to exclude words from the search. Example:

Search for: +food +eating -drinking.

You will find all pages on which the words "food" and "eating" occur, but will exclude those which mention "drinking" as well.

You can use inverted commas "..." to search for an expression, i.e. two or more words which have a particular meaning when they are a particular order as a unit, e.g. "Seven Wonders of the World".

I wish you success in searching my web site. Please let me know if you find something that is useful to you.

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Norbert Michel